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  • Why Should You Use Laser Hair Removal Technique

    Laser hair expulsion by best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi is affirmed by basically all pertinent experts all around, including the United States' FDA (Food and Drug Administration), for any piece of the body with the exception of those close to the eyes. This implies it can be utilized on the face, armpits, legs, arms, and even one's genitals....[Read More]

  • What to Expect from a Hair Transplantation Treatment?

    If you are confused about finding a nice cleaning for your treatment then you can choose to go to the professional doctor at DermaClinix, then you will be going to find the best hair transplant surgeon in India in this clinic. Choosing the best doctor can help you to know about pre and post care treatment of the hair transplantation treatment. Taking care of the hair transplantation is very important as there are some people you may not find effective results after getting this treatment and that’s why hiring a professional doctor is must for everyone who wants to go for this treatment....[Read More]

  • Things To Ponder Over Before You Opt For A Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal? Do not forget to check for these things before going for laser hair removal treatment.

    Are you aware of the fact that laser hair removal does take months to complete? The procedure is not possible if there is a tan. It could also pave way for more hair growth. Before a visit to a laser hair removal clinic in Delhi there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

    This procedure is an effective and safe method of removing unwanted hair from your underarms , legs or the bikini area. This could even be extended to the face and one major point of consideration is that this procedure is not for each one of us.

    • First and foremost laser hair normally works on pigmented hair. if you have white or blonde hair, then simply this procedure is not going to work for you.
    • The darker you skin happens to be, the higher chances of injury. In the process the actual hair is not targeted but the pigmented portion. The dark pigment of the skin is more prone to absorb energy of the laser.
    • It is important to avail the services of an experienced professional if you are planning to get a laser surgery done. The choice of the right laser is fundamental to figure out the exact course of treatments that are needed. Coupled with the fact that all lasers are not  to be used on each skin type.
    • The hair needs to grow for a couple of weeks before you are planning a laser treatment. It would indicate stubbly legs for a certain point of time.
    • Prices are dependent on the location and the sessions you would need for the treatment. In an ideal situation around 3 to 5 sittings are needed and this depends upon the colour of the skin and the area being treated.
  • Best Hair Transplant Center in Delhi

    Hair transplantation, comparatively, is still a relatively new form of therapy. Every new form of therapy in its initial phase is risky. Why? Lack of adequate knowledge, lack of experienced professionals. Hair transplantation as a remedial measure suffers from these two relatively straightforward complications. The best way to tackle both these problems is by consulting a top-top doctor. Highly qualified and skilled doctors are available in the best hair transplant centers and nowhere else. Of course, there will be a few experienced surgeons who work privately. Nobody is discarding their quality or experience. But, hair transplant centers bring with their own charm.

    Looking at these centers from a more regional point of view. Let’s look at some of the best hair transplant centers that you can find in Delhi:

    1. DermaClinix - Hair Transplant Delhi: DermaClinix is a well equipped hair transplant centre located in the heart of the Delhi city in the state of New Delhi, INDIA. Not only in Delhi but when considering the entire country, it is one of the best and most efficient hair transplant centers. Being a specialty clinic, all of its resources are devoted towards one discipline and one discipline only: hair and skin related ailments.

    2. ADHI India: Adhi is a hair transplant center that has its presence spread across the country. Not only in Delhi but when considering the entire country, it is one of the best and most efficient hair transplant centers. Being a specialty clinic, all of its resources are devoted towards one discipline and one discipline only: hair and skin related ailments.

    3. DermaClinix - Chennai, Tamil Nadu: DermaClinix is the top most skin and hair solution center in South Delhi, India. We have highly qualified dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons, trained from prestigious medical institutes of  India, Namely AIIMS(Delhi), PGIMER (Chandigarh) & Safdarjung Hospital(Delhi).These facilities are ably utilised by a very competent work-force of highly experienced hair transplant surgeons.

    4. Hair and Senses: When compared to the other hair transplant centers, Hair and Senses is on the more expensive side. It’s not just a hair transplant center. It’s a super-specialty hair transplant center that’s well equipped with modern technological advancements and all kinds of sophisticated equipment. These facilities are ably utilised by a very competent work-force of highly experienced hair transplant surgeons.

    5. Dr. Shakti’s HHY: Dr. Shakti is perhaps one of the leading hair transplant surgeons of the country. With bags of experience under his belt, after working with countless national and international cosmetic surgeons; Dr. Shakti has started his own treatment centre. Known for his skill and experience; he is very well-known for specialising in FUE and FUT hair transplantation surgeries.

    In addition to these hair transplant centers there are a couple of other noteworthy hair transplantation clinics. The names of these are given below:

    ●       Natural Hair Transplant Clinics (multiple locations)

    ●       Dr. A’s Clinic (known for FUE method of hair transplantation)

    ●       Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic (worldwide name)

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  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind While You go For Hair Transplantation

    Hair plays an important role in one's charismatic personality but, when hair starts losing and baldness appears may cause a loss in confidence and self-esteem.

    Getting hair transplantation is one of the best procedures to regrow your hair, and we are sure that you have put a lot of thoughts to get one; it is a surgical procedure in which hairs are extracted from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the bald area.

    There is a number of option for hair transplantation in Delhi or in any other major cities.

    Before you take a decision, consider these 10 things in mind before consulting for hair transplantation:-

    1.      Clinic selection:

     As it a costly procedure, you have to take a wise decision which making choice in a clinic. Don't get carried away with the ad in TV's and the internet do a good research on background and success rate of a clinic.

    2.       FUE or FUT procedure:

    The two most popular methods for hair transplantation are FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation or strip method).

    FUE is the latest technology in which, a small incision is made around each hair follicle, and hair is transplanted to the thinning area or the bald area.FUE lasts no scare and has less after care but, it is an expensive procedure.

    FUT is old methods in which donor's scalp is cut and strips with the hair and then transplanted into the bald or thinning leaves a scar on donor scalp and requires post excessive care.

    So before going the hair transplantation choose your method precisely and with utmost care.

    3.       Your budget:

    Keep in mind your budget, you can spend in hair transplantation as it can be a very expensive procedure. Make your decision based on what type of surgery you will consider, as there are two types of the method already discussed above.

    To get the permanent and positive hair transplant result opt for an experienced surgeon with cheapest hair transplantation in Delhi.

    4.       Do they look like normal hairs:

    The good news is that yes they look normal and you can treat your transplanted hair in the same manner with the regular hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner. Ones your hair are transplanted make sure to ask the surgeon for its post care instruction afterward, make a visit and consult a doctor is your new hair are ready to treat like normal hair or not.

    5.       Your skin and hair type:

    Not to forgot to match your hair and skin color before transplantation, hair transplantation will only look normal when the color, texture, and type of both your hair and skin will match .the thick and curly hair works the best as they easily get blended with the transplanted hair as compared to the thin hairs.

    6.       Experiences surgeon selection:

    Choose the best and experienced hair transplant doctor for hair transplant surgery, read the review of a doctor or if possible take the experience of someone who has undergone the procedure, you can get the best hair transplant in Delhi.

    Feel free to talk about his experience the procedure, after effects and cost of the hair transplantation.

    7.       It’s a permanent procedure:

    Since the hair is relocated and transplant in the thinning area or in a bald area, it makes the hair transplantation a permanent procedure.

    You cannot take the patch test or trial ones, it started you are bound to complete the procedure. So make sure to do the best exploration and before going for a restoration of your hair.

    8.       Post surgery precaution:

    While planning to keep in mind that it will take a time to go back to your normal routine .it require excessive care and you have to follow certain safety measure after undergoing hair transplantation surgery.

    You cannot let your touch your transplanted area anywhere, you have to sleep in your back, wear a shower care for extra care etc.

    9.       Consider the risk:

    Modern techniques are less relatively risky. However, some of the post effects are bleeding; scarring and infection should be expected if you notice anything wrong do consult your surgeon for professional help. For the best result and less risk, you can consider the hair transplantation in Delhi.

    10.   Prepare yourself for trim:

    In most cases, surgeon trimmed the hair completely in order to access the donor follicle, or the area the small area from where they are taking follicle for transplantation .so, be prepared for a trim.

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